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  1. WestS cooking corner #3 - Porkstew

    This weekend we decided with a couple of friends to make some food and drink beer. We decided to make a manly pork stew because its extremely tasty and easy to make. The whole process takes about 3 hour but all the hard work is done in 15 minutes. The rest of the time you'll be drinking beer and waiting for the pork to cook.


    Pork stew

    What you need:

    - A large chunk of pork with alot of fat
    - 4 Bratwursts
    - 200g bacon ...
  2. Quadcopter

    So... recently I was on the Internet and found a guide how to build a quadcopter from scratch. So I decided to make one just cause...

    Basically all you need is:

    A frame
    4 motors
    a flight controller "the brains"
    4 speed controllers for the motors
    a transmitter

    +tools,wires,and connectors for the wires.

    The first step was to build the frame. I ordered my cheap frame from ebay ...