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Conversation Between Brewster[TAO] and Sam[TAO]

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  1. Gnörp!
  2. Nils-Artur Persson-Grävlingfant, var har du lagt din sked?
  3. Omg i have a fanboy

  4. Skapligt vad gay den här profilen är
  5. Farmnug simlatorz, Volvo 240 DL bitchin' OG Edition, ma homie.

  6. Nissae!
  7. Don't do it Martin/Sam/Nils/Lucifer

    He wants to lock you in his basement and do animal testing on you.
  8. Systemvetare in action:
  9. The results from the examination came back to me yesterday Brewster.
    I'm afraid it's not good news.

    Yepp. it's your brain. It has to come out.
  10. I bought this in mexico for you.
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