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  1. You application for an ikea apprenticeship has been recieved and handed to our robotised system



    Managing Director of Avoiding New hires

  2. Gnörp

    Stop replying to Rainbew 8 saiche
  3. Yes. I heard she ate too much tumbleweed.
  4. So what happened to that hot chick Hillary Clinton from back years ago? Have you heard any news?
  5. I remember that
  6. I saved your life once...

  7. Look! I invented a machine that teleports you to behind yourself. I'm gonna be SO rich now!
  8. Keep out! Jewish forum user has been identified
  9. I will eat your ferret if you ever call me swedish again!
  10. This page belongs to a mentally retarded Swedish boy called Pjieter. He likes to play computer games on his CD-ROM and warm his mothers towel before she has baths.
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