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Just wanted to test this

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Hi all

I just wanted to give this blog thing a go. It might come in handy in the future if i have something to say
It is going to stay right? It wont be removed by the admins or something, no?

If it were to be removed it would be bad but i think i could do without since there is always arma for lonley and boring moments :P
Im really happy i found another outlet to write crap, so i hope it stays=P
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  1. von_lipwig's Avatar
    Sure, it's not in anyone's way here so go ahead and keep it
  2. von_lipwig's Avatar
    You see how benevolent I am?
  3. Brewster[TAO]'s Avatar
    Yes i see, this would never have happen at that old NF forum. The von lipwig we had there such moody git, he would have removed it in a new instance. This new moderator software has done wonders for your friendliness-AI
  4. von_lipwig's Avatar
    Von_lipwig 2.0, completely remastered audio, full HD and max friendliness (while retaining full authority functionality (with some upgrades) of the old version.
  5. rscarrab's Avatar
    Hej Brew! Really liking the blog so far! Keep it up!! Last weeks was reaally good im looking forward to what you have in store this week
  6. Brewster[TAO]'s Avatar
    Hej uncle Robbie!

    Gnörp Gnörp Gnörp Gnörp Gnörp Gnörp Gnörp
  7. rscarrab's Avatar
    Hej! Good to look back on this blog and see how far its come!!
  8. Brewster[TAO]'s Avatar

    Glad to see your interest is still kept up. Please return with donations for me. I have many children and they are all starving.