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So... recently I was on the Internet and found a guide how to build a quadcopter from scratch. So I decided to make one just cause...

Basically all you need is:

A frame
4 motors
a flight controller "the brains"
4 speed controllers for the motors
a transmitter

+tools,wires,and connectors for the wires.

The first step was to build the frame. I ordered my cheap frame from ebay and it lacked some parts... nothing important just some screws. I improvised and got the frame built. The I attached a "powerplate" to the frame that devides the power from the battery to the 4 motors.

Then I attached the motors and the speedcontrollers(the red ones). The speedcontrollers get orders from the main brains and tell the motors what to do.

Finally I attached the brains and wired the cables to it. After that I loaded up some preset settings for a quadcopter so that the brain knows what to do. I also had to calibrate the gyroscopes on a flat surface.

The I charged the battery,attached the propellers and went out for a testflight.

I crashed a few times first but got the hang of it pretty quickly. I haven't flown anything like this before, but all the playing with choppers in Arma helped a lot when I flew this thing

The quad has a self-level mode but I couldnt activate it somehow so I will have to look into that. It basically makes the quad stand still in the air when you dont touch the controls.

Next Ill have to get a GoPro or something for this and go spy on Ulf while he showers...

A vid of my first flight (processing still)

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  1. von_lipwig's Avatar
    That. Is. Amazing.
  2. Brewster[TAO]'s Avatar
    Omg! Didnt know you could build a quad copter liker that. It really is Amazing!

    How much did this cost? you made me want one
  3. rscarrab's Avatar
    Lol! Thats awesome!

    Now you can deliver me weed consignments from the netherland to ireland!

    How far is the range on that thing dude? It seems to go pretty far! +1 for the go pro camera as well.
  4. WestS[TAO]'s Avatar
    @Brew everything costed around 200$

    @Obrien the max range should be around 800m for the transmitter I have. Its almost enough to Ireland :P
  5. Concurssi's Avatar
    You can also take it to a music festical and fly it into the drunk people. That's what I would do.
  6. Brewster[TAO]'s Avatar
    Or you can attach a naked Picture of yourself to it and hover outside the window of an attractive female boss/teacher/aunt
  7. rscarrab's Avatar

    You should make a Quadrocockter, next.