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    The Naked Fanatics - Getting Started!

    The Naked Fanatics - A Relaxed Gaming community

    "So I just stumbled onto your site... Now what do I do?"

    Now is the time to register and start getting to know us! Participate in one of the many discussions and topics we have around here, or maybe get into a game with us; we're always looking for more people to join us on the battlefield.

    It's easy to get in touch with us. Just download Steam if you haven't already and start adding us! You can find our usernames here! If you feel more comfortable talking to us (you know, with your actual voice!) then you can also find us on TeamSpeak: speak1.teamspeak.net:10005 (password: pinkfloyd). Also make sure you introduce yourself on the forums; saying 'hi' in this very thread would be a good place to start!

    "I see all you people wearing these nifty =NF= tags... How do I become a member?"

    You become a member by playing with us and, more importantly, socialising with us. You start by telling us you have an interest in joining the clan. Then you can put on our 'recruit'-tags: =NF[R]=. I could go on and on explaining all the nuances of our join requirements, but these are the basics:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Naked Fanatics
    -Get Steam, so you can chat to all of us.

    -Be active in at least one of the games we currently play.

    -You will need to frequent and post on the =NF= forums and spend time with us for three months before you are considered as a potential full Nudist. During this time, try to get to know as many people as possible, as this will positively affect your chances to become a Nudist.

    -You will have to be acquainted to several current members. Of course, you can't talk as much to everyone, due to timezones.

    -A mature and friendly attitude are required.

    -An active current member needs to start a discussion on your candidature prior to creating a membership Poll. If people seem to respond positively, a Poll can be created.

    -You need to get 80% of the Poll votes in favour of your membership in order to become a full Nudist. The poll will run for a week.
    These rules ensure that we allow none but the most dedicated, committed, loyal and fun people to become full Nudists!

    "So now I am a Nudist... now what?"

    Trust me: by the time you get to lose the [R], and your tag proudly proclaims you are a member of =NF=, you will instinctively know what to do: have fun with us, on the forums and in game!

    Frequently Asked Questions
    (If questions would be asked at all, these would be the frequent ones)

    Q. I just played on your server. Can I join your forums?
    A. Anyone can, you don't even have to play on our server to do that! Just take part in the discussions around here and join the community!

    Q. Do I have to be a l33t player to join =NF=?
    A. No. We're mainly interested in having fun, and to us fun does not necessarily equal skill. Winning is nice, but not a prerequisite for fun. Everyone is welcome, from the best players to the very worst!

    Q. Do you play competitively?
    A. Not often. We have participated in various Total War tournaments and we have had a few CoD4 scrims, but our clan is not (semi-)professionally competitive. We play to have fun. We are not saying we will never play a competitive game, but if competitive gameplay is what you're after, you're better off finding another clan.

    Q. This place seems to be full of homo-erotic tension. Is that just my imagination?
    A. We'll leave that to yourself to find out.

    Q. Who is your leader and what are the clan's ranks? How do you get promotion?
    A. We're not that kind of clan. We have no real leaders (although Go offers us spiritual guidance from time to time, whenever he can find where the power plug of his PC goes), we operate by democracy and concensus. Important matters are put to a vote. Concequencially, we have no ranks. While the forums have Registered Users, Nudists, Moderators and Administrators and there is also the Recruit off the forums, there is no real difference between them at all. The biggest difference is between being a member and not being a member, but you can even have fun with us if you're not a member and don't plan on being one. We welcome everyone, including people not looking to invest time into being part of a group, but who do enjoy a bit of teamwork every now and then and who like to be part of a relaxed gaming community.

    Q. Is there a minimum age for joining?
    A. Not an official one. However, the topics discussed and the conduct expected does warrant us to say that we expect a certain level of maturity. If you feel you're mature enough, you probably are.

    Q. Does Nono really sleep with everyone in the clan? Will I have to?
    A. Probably, although everyone wants to believe they are the only one for him. And by the time you're in his social circle, you'll be just the same.

    Q. Is it true that Go is Jesus reborn?
    A. Quite possibly so. It would also explain why he finds certain software-related issues so hard to solve; he is far more suited to being a carpenter.

    Q. Is Reaper a girl?
    A. Reliable sources debunked that myth some time ago, to our shared disappointment.

    Q. Is Kublai a girl?
    A. Kublai, too, turned out to be of the male persuasion. This has shocked everyone.
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