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    The Dresden Files

    Ok what would guys say to running a old fashioned pen and paper rpg on roll20.

    The game I would wan to run is the Dresden Files Role Playing game, which is a modified version of game system called Fate, where the mechanics are more based on story and also characters.

    In regards to materials, there is 3 books Your Story which is volume 1, which is the main book you will use as players as it explains rules.Character creation and place setting,

    Our World which is volume 2 is called Our World, that where i get stats on people and creatures

    The Paranet Files which is volume 3, this includes expansion on rules and gives more data on other entities that have come into the series in later books.

    No need to worry about the books.

    The way this works is the first session is place setting/character creation, we work out what town or city we are in, what are the locations where action take place. We work out who are the characters, whether it the villains, or the friendly bartender at your local drinking establishment.
    We work out themes or the threats to the place, what are the groups and factions.

    You then build your characters now unlike say Dungeons and Dragons which seems to have most of the group meet up in a caravan, Dresden tries to set up aback history with characters so while this may be the first time all of you are in together on a quest you all may potentially know of each other for various reasons that have happened before the story begins.

    After all that is done my Job is to try and create a storyline out of all the elements that has been presented, so if for example you make your character is an lab experiment that has escaped from form a top secret government body, we may find that said laboratory is in the town, or would it be under the town.
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    So is this like D&D we'd run through TTS?
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    Was gonna reply to this when you posted but forgot! I'd be quite interested in this however it would have to be in a few weeks. Things are quite hectic for me at the moment. Haven't really gamed in weeks. Maybe we can start the process of setting it up now [if there is enough interest]? I imagine that will take some time to do.

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